Our Brands

The world and the varying continents, countries, and cultures have much to offer. Our mission is to explore the countryside we belong through its snacks, candy, chips, cookies, and junk food. It may not be the first thing you think of but we believe something as simple as a snack can show insight into cultures that at first may seem foreign or unfamiliar. With our varied backgrounds and world travels many of these tasty treats are connected with memories and experiences that are treasured. Now living full time with mundane tasks and deadlines, finding a snack made using traditional method is exhausting and often proves futile.

We created Ancient Recipes to share insight and product knowledge as we continue our exploration of the globe through food. In 2017 we introduced Ancient Recipes and began to offer an array of snack food products made using the best of ingredients available and produced at hygienic and safe environment. No longer will the sweet and salty treats of tradition be difficult to obtain. As we look to expand the product offering we would like to highlight some of the best candies and treats that we do and will offer. Please follow along as we explore options for expanding our products range and share your experiences, after all we want to know what types of traditional snacks you are looking to enjoy!

Our Products

Traditional Peanut Burfi
Traditional Peanut Burfi (Ground)
Traditional Puffed Rice Burfi
Traditional Roasted Bengal Gram Burfi