About Us

Welcome to Amaran Brands

We are a team of young and enthusiastic people from varied backgrounds. We firmly believe that if there is one thing that connects us all across the length and breadth of the country it is our love for food. We are passionate about our culture, traditional values, language and of course our rich cuisine which has played a vital role in our growth and recognition around the world. After all, the way to a man's heart is his stomach! Our motto is to provide the best snack in its true form.

Our Story

It all started a few years ago..... Meeting and catching up with friends is always such a joy and time to cherish and it invariably ends in eating together. We always enjoy a short bite or snack, like munching roasted peanuts, peanut bar, puffed corn and other similar snacks. Our endeavour is to make these snacks taste better for our pallets than the ones available in the market. So we have embarked on this journey to making the best tasting snack using traditional methods without compromising on the nutritional value and quality in the most hygienic way. In this journey our friends and family have played an important role again. When we tested our product the response has been very encouraging and created tremendous excitement. The feedback was that it was the best snack they have had in a long time. We will deliver wholesome and tasty snack with all the ingredients intact which will make you nostalgic and bring back old memories.